Day Dream your life away

A few seconds a day some of us just zone out at work, day dreaming about what we'd rather be doing, what the next paycheck is going to buy or my personal fav, what to cook for dinner.

We want to encourage everyone with even so much as a creative interest to flex that creative muscle. Not every average Joe can draw, design etc but 99% of us can colour in the lines?

The task is to create a black and white piece depicting a daydream, either your own or someone else's. As plain or as outlandish as your phantasies are, It's not for kids so open up!

All work needs to be black outlines. No shading, no colour, minimal solids.

It may sound like this is limited to illustrators, but it's not. It's down to you to find a way to solve the problem.

If you are going to contribute then send me your email and I'll set up a drop box for the work to go in to, that you can have access to.

Peace and Love.

Bleed and crops just in case.
If you don't know, ASSSSSSSKK

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